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GenixGreen is deeply grounded in ongoing research and product development. Every year, GenixGreen invests over 4% of revenues in R&D for developing new products, battery materials research, and advanced research and testing equipment. GenixGreen’s R&D center is equipped with a best-in-class trial production workshop, performance test room, chemical labs and material analysis room utilizing instruments including testing cabinets, XRD, SEM, ICP, AAS, X-ray, XRF, GS, BET, and Laser Diffraction Size Analysis. Today, GenixGreen's battery pack and Li-ion batteries technology levels are ranked as leaders in the field. To bring together a cross-section of disciplines including industry, academia and research, GenixGreen has established a post-doctoral scientific research center of Harbin Engineering University in Shenzhen. GenixGreen is collaborating with Harbin Engineering University to develop breakthrough technologies to advance both its Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries and accelerate industrialization of its products.

01. Ultra High Power Battery Pack

By applying a Patent top-welding procedure rather than a traditional equipment procedure, these batteries offer the following key advantages::

1) Low internal resistance: far less than those made from nickel belt linker.

2) High output power: large current and great discharge performance.

3) Longer life cycle: Stable electrode structure with 20% increase in life cycle.

02.  GPS High-Temperature Polymer Li-ion Battery

1) Can be stored for 24 hours at 85 with TS cell under 10%.

2) Capacity retention over 80% after 500 cycles.

03. Military Lighting Low-Temperature Lithium Polymer and Li-ion Battery

1) Discharge capacity: over 80% at -40.

2) Capacity recovery rate: over 92% after stored for 7 days at 60.

04. E-Bike Capacity Power Li-ion Battery

1) Energy density over 107Wh/kg at 0.5C with retention rate of 83% after cycled 1000 times at 1C.

2) Maximum discharge ratio of 5C.

05. Notebook High Capacity Li-ion Cylindrical Battery

1) 18650 Co Li-ion battery capacity over 2600mAh at 0.2 C.

2) Energy density ratio over 190Wh/kg.